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Oniria does all it can to guarantee optimal living conditions for all of its residents.

The aquarium provides its resident species with the exact same conditions as those found in the marine environment: temperature, salinity, pH, oxygen rate, dissolved minerals, etc.

The living spaces, also known as ‘biotopes’ are faithful reproductions of the natural environment: rocky or sandy bottoms, aquatic plants, branches.

When possible, our species take part in a breeding programme. They are placed in pairs or groups to encourage them to breed.

Some species, like clownfish, batfish, seahorses, gramma, pterapogon, and jellyfish are born and raised at the aquarium, which means we need to have specialist knowledge of their needs.

Our research programmes concerning gorgonian and other corals result in an aquarium where 100% of the individuals are sourced from a breeding programme, and never taken from nature. Although these are classed as animals, and kept in optimal water and light conditions, cuttings can be taken from them just like with plants.

Animal well-being is always the top priority for every resident at Oniria. Often bred in aquariums or acclimatised as larvae, our animals display domesticated behaviour thanks to the lack of stress and optimal living conditions. They can experience incredible longevity, such as with our current oldest resident, a surgeonfish aged 36!
Oniria is also developing an ethical guide for all animals, with a respect for life and the individuals that call the aquarium home.