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66100 Perpignan – France
Telephone contact: +33 (0) 468 551 131
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Technical delivery: AttrapTemps

Hosting – Security
AttrapTemps SARL
70 av Alfred Kastler – Perpignan
66100 Perpignan – France
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A company with a capital of €30,000

Publication director
Jessica Cobos
Aquarium Oniria
2 boulevard de la Jetée 66 140 Canet-en-Roussillon – France
Telephone contact: +33 (0) 468 867 292

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Data collected from visitors who have indicated their interest via the website may be contacted by email with the latest news and events, in support of the interest they have shown in Oniria and the cause that it stands for. Visitors can inform us that they no longer wish to be contacted by sending us a message via the ‘Contact’ page on the website.

Liability waiver
Oniria does all it can to ensure that the information featured on its website is reliable. However, Oniria cannot be held responsible in any way for errors, omissions, or consequences arising from the use of the information featured on the website. Oniria has only a duty of due care concerning the information presented on the website. Nor is Oniria responsible for any computer virus or other IT problem with malicious effects.

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