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Via the website
(hereafter, the ’Website“), SPL SILLAGES, the company that operates ONIRIA, may collect personal data about any individual (hereafter, the ‘User’) that sends a question to ONIRIA via the ‘Contact’ page on the website, or who books tickets online to visit ONIRIA. The collection of personal data that the User shares with ONIRIA via the ‘Contact’ form on the website, or when buying online tickets, is governed by French Data Protection laws.

Users have the right to access, rectify, and delete their personal data, as well as to object to their personal data being processed. Users can exercise these rights at any time by writing to the following address: ONIRIA – SPL SILLAGES – Ecoute du Port – BP 210 – 66141 Canet en Roussillon CEDEX.
Users have the right to opt out of receiving cold calls by sending a letter to the following address: ONIRIA – SPL SILLAGES – Ecoute du Port – BP 210 – 66141 Canet en Roussillon CEDEX or by sending an email to contact@oniria.fr

3.1 Why we collect your data
Collecting your personal data enables ONIRIA to:
—Reply to messages that Users send via the ‘Contact’ section of the website, and provide information about ONIRIA services
—Allow users to book online tickets to visit ONIRIA
Information that is required for us to be able to respond to User requests, such as their full name, postcode, phone number, and email address, are marked with an asterisk on the data collection forms. If Users fail to complete the fields marked with an asterisk, ONIRIA will be unable to process their request.
3.2 Storing your personal data
ONIRIA will make use of Users’ personal data only during the time required to fulfil the purposes stated above, and for no more than three (3) years following the last service requested by the User that requires the processing of their personal data.

3.3 Recipients of data
ONIRIA is the recipient of Users’ personal data.
ONIRIA will only share Users’ personal data with third parties if:
—The User gives their prior consent to ONIRIA for it to share their data with said third party
—ONIRIA needs to share the data with said third party in order to provide the service requested by the User or to respond to their request
—ONIRIA is ordered to share said data by the legal authorities or any other competent government body
For online bookings, User data is stored on a centralised server hosted by AttrapTemps SARL – 70 av Alfred Kastler – 66100 Perpignan – France – RCS 407 836 089 000 42

3.4 Personal data security and confidentiality
Through SPL SILLAGES, its operator, ONIRIA has implemented state of the art technical and structural security measures, especially with regard to the security of its information systems.
ONIRIA has strived to take all pertinent measures to protect the confidentiality and security of the User’s personal data that it processes, and prevent it from being altered, damaged, destroyed, or accessed by unauthorised third parties.
When booking tickets and in order to assist in the implementation of ONIRIA’s security policy, Users must create a user account and select a password, both of which are strictly for their personal use.

4.1 What’s a cookie?
A cookie is a text file that may be stored in a dedicated part of your device’s* hard drive when you use your web browser to view a service. Cookie files enable the sender to identify the device upon which it is stored until the cookie expires.
The term ‘device’ refers to the hardware (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) that you use to view or display websites, apps, or advertising content.

4.2 What kind of cookies do we use?
When you connect to our Website we may, depending on your preferences, install various cookies on your device that enable us to recognise your device’s browser for as long as the cookie remains valid.
The cookies we send you enable us to:
—Compile statistics on how many people are visiting our Website and how they are interacting with its various components (sections and content viewed, journey), which will enable us to create more interesting and more ergonomic services
—Tailor the presentation of our website to the display preferences of your device (language used, display resolution, operating system, etc.) when you visit our Website, according to the display hardware and software used by your device
—If you have shared personal data with us, particularly your email address when registering on our website or when accessing one of our services, cookies allow us to pair these data with browsing data about your device so that we can, for example, send you online offers that may be of interest to you
—Remember information about a form you have completed on our Website (registration or login), or about the products, services, and information that you have chosen on our Website (services purchased, booking details, etc.)
—Grant you access to members’ areas of our Website, such as your account, using the login details or information that you shared with us earlier
—Implement security measures, such as when you are asked to log in to services and content again after a certain period has passed

4.3 Your choices around cookies
A number of options exist for you to manage cookies. Changing your cookie settings may affect your experience of the Website and your ability to access certain features that require cookies.
You can change your cookie preferences at any time, using the options listed below:

4.3.1 Options available through your web browser:
You can also configure your web browser to save cookies on your device, to refuse them altogether, or to refuse them according to the sender. You can also configure your web browser to accept or refuse the cookies as you are offered them, before they are saved on your device. For more information, see the section on ‘Cookie preferences in your web browser’.
(a) Cookies and consent
Whether a cookie is stored on a device is largely dependent upon the wishes of the device’s User. The User can express and change their preferences freely at any time in their browser’s settings.
If you have set your browser settings to accept cookies on your device, the cookies sent by the pages and content that you have viewed may be stored in a dedicated temporary folder on your device. They can be read only by the sender.
(b) Blocking cookies
If you refuse to save cookies on your device, or if you delete those that have been stored, you will no longer be able to enjoy certain features that are necessary to browse certain parts of our Website. These include our content and services that require you to log in. This would also be the case when we or our service providers are unable to recognise, for our technical records, the kind of browser you are using on your device, nor its language and display settings, or the country in which your device seems to be connected to the internet.
In these cases, we decline all responsibility for any consequences linked to the poor performance of our services caused by the inability to store or view the cookies needed for the Website’s features to work due to your refusal or deletion of said cookies.
(c) Cookie preferences in your web browser
Each browser has a different way of managing cookies. You can find how in your browser’s help menu, which will tell you how to change your cookie preferences.

For Internet Explorer™:

For Safari™:

For Chrome™:

For Firefox™:

For Opera™:

4.3. Your online preferences and advertising professional platforms
For advertising cookies, you can also visit Youronlinechoices, a website created by digital advertising professionals who are members of the European Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA), managed in France by the Interactive Advertising Bureau France.
This will enable you to find out which companies are registered with the platform, and allow you to block or accept cookies used by these companies to tailor which ads are displayed on your device according to your data:

Your ad choices

This European platform is shared by hundreds of online advertising professionals, and provides a centralised interface where you can express your preferences to block or accept cookies used to tailor the ads displayed on your device. Please note that this procedure will not stop ads being displayed on the websites you visit. It only blocks the technology used to tailor ads to your interests.

4.4 If you share your device with other people
If your device is used by several people, and when a single device has several browsers installed upon it, we cannot guarantee that the services and ads displayed on your device are tailored to your own use of the device, rather than that of another person.
It is entirely your choice and responsibility whether other people use your device and your browser’s cookie settings.
To learn more about cookies and how they are used, you can view UK Government legislation, here: