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The Terms & Conditions (T&C) described below set out the rights and responsibilities of the parties involved in ONIRIA’s online ticket sales via the website www.oniria.fr, and as such take precedence over any conflicting provisions.

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Online Ticket Office

1 – General Terms
a) The T&C described below apply to every online purchase of one or more tickets to the aquarium, purchased by the buyer via the ONIRIA online ticket office. You can view our T&C online, here https://www.oniria.fr/preparez-votre-visite/billetterie/.
b) The buyer acknowledges that they have read and understood this contract, that they are legally adults, and that they are not under guardianship or curatorship.
c) By confirming your order, you, as the buyer, provide your clear and absolute consent to the full range of clauses and conditions contained in these T&C. Accordingly, the buyer acknowledges that they are fully aware of the T&C, which take precedence over any other document.
d) ONIRIA reserves the right to modify the T&C at any time, and to apply the new T&C to all purchases made after the date of modification.

2 – Pricing – ticket numbers and information
a) Ticket prices are stated in Euros and including VAT. The VAT applicable on the day of purchase is included in the price. All purchases must be made in Euros, irrespective of the buyer’s location.
b) ONIRIA reserves the right to change its prices at any time. Tickets will be sold at the price as shown at the time the order was placed, subject to availability.
c) The only ticket varieties sold are individual, adult, child (aged 3–10) and ticket packs. All special pricing (large families, students, persons with disabilities, etc.) are available only from the ONIRIA ticket office (conditions apply).
d) Only one promo coupon or discount can be applied at checkout when purchasing tickets online.

3 – Order
Buyers wishing to buy tickets online must:
—Complete the online purchase order form
—Provide all of the contact details requested – Click on the ‘I agree to all Terms & Conditions’ icon
—Check the order before confirming
—Make the payment using the methods provided
Before confirming an order, you can identify and correct any errors by clicking on ‘my account’. This will take you back to the previous step. All of the information provided and the confirmation serve as proof of purchase. Confirmation will serve as consent and signature for the resulting transaction.
ONIRIA will send you an order confirmation by email. Tickets provide easy access to the aquarium (no need to pay at a counter) within the ticket’s expiry date.

Tickets will be checked electronically upon entry, and proof of ID may be requested.
a) To place an order, the buyer must provide their name and address and complete a form containing details of the services they require. Buyers must ensure that the information provided on the form is accurate (ticket type, postal address, email address, bank details, etc.). ONIRIA will not be held in any way responsible if tickets are not received due to the customer entering an incorrect email address. Orders will only be confirmed once the buyer has clicked on ‘Pay by card’ at the end of the order process. This final ‘click’ is valid as a handwritten signature in line with Article 1341 of the French Civil Code (hereafter, the ‘acceptance click’). Once the acceptance click had been made:
b) ONIRIA will release a given number of tickets, and reserves the right to increase or decrease their number at its discretion. The most tickets you can buy online as a private individual is 14.
c) Tickets remain the property of ONIRIA until the payment is completed. If the customer has not used the ticket by its expiry date, for reasons of their sole responsibility, the ticket becomes invalid and may not be used. All payments made by the buyer to ONIRIA remain paid to ONIRIA.
d) This means that no cancellations/changes are possible, notwithstanding cases of force majeure (illness, death, war, unrest, insurrections, fires, earthquakes, storms, and floods), and subject to submitting proof (in case of death or illness) to contact@sillages.fr, or by mail to the following address: ONIRIA – SPL Sillages – Ecoute du Port – BP 210 – 66141 Canet en Roussillon CEDEX. Transaction fees of €3 including VAT will be deducted from the refunded sum.
e) Purchased ONIRIA tickets can be printed out by the buyer using their own equipment, or used electronically as a QR code/barcode on their smartphone or tablet.

4 – Payment
Payment is taken as soon as the order is confirmed. Payment is separate to the printing of tickets. Once payment has been made, ONIRIA will send the buyer a confirmation email. Confirmation of the order via the card number and expiry date represents an order to pay the value of the order including VAT. Credit or debit card data is not retained once the order has been processed.
a) Payment by credit or debit cart enables buyers to immediately order tickets online, for peace of mind. All orders must be paid in full. No deferred payment options are available. The only payment method accepted for orders placed according to these T&C is credit or debit card (only Carte Bleue, Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard are accepted).
b) Purchases cannot be changed or cancelled.
c) For the security of bank card owners, ONIRIA reserves the right to suspend the order process if the card payment is declined. ONIRIA reserves the right to void tickets acquired by buyers involved in a payment dispute for an earlier purchase.
d) Buyers can retain proof of purchase by keeping and/or printing the order confirmation page or confirmation email sent by ONIRIA.
e) Online orders are stored on ONIRIA’s computer systems in adequate security conditions, and will be considered as proof of communication and payments negotiated between parties.

5 – Secure payment and personal data
a) The ONIRIA website uses a security system. It uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL), one of the most effective online security systems. Data pertaining to the order and the buyer are immediately encrypted and are never shared with the https://billetterie.oniria.fr/ website, for total payment security.
b) For its payment system, ONIRIA uses PAYZEN, a service provider specialising in secure online payments. ONIRIA guarantees confidentiality of all buyer payment information, thanks to the SSL protocol that constantly monitors access rights for credit or debit card payments, and encrypts all transactions in order to guarantee confidentiality.
c) Personal data
—The buyer’s personal data instructs ONIRIA to complete the transaction. Furthermore, when saved, this information enables buyers to process future transactions more quickly by creating an account.
—Information and data about the buyer that is saved by the buyer when buying tickets online are subjected to automated processing that has been approved by French law. This information and data are stored in the customer’s personal account. The ONIRIA Sales Team may use them if necessary, to facilitate future bookings made by the buyer via the ONIRIA website. Customer personal data and information will only be used for marketing purposes by ONIRIA and/or its partners with the customer’s explicit consent.
—According to Article 34 of French Data Protection Law, buyers have the right to access, rectify, modify, or contest any information held about them. Customers have the right to be added to the list of people who do not want to receive marketing calls. For all other requests, customers should contact Customer Services by recorded delivery, using the address provided in point 10, and stating their full name, address and, if possible, their customer reference. The letter must be signed and accompanied by a copy of a piece of ID bearing the customer’s signature.
—Purchase orders and invoices are saved in a reliable and locked format, so that they represent a faithful copy of the original, in line with article 1348 of the French Civil Code.
d) Request for buyer identity. ONIRIA may contact the buyer by email or phone to request further information about their identity (ID card, passport, driving licence, etc.) and the identity of the cardholder of the card used to make the payment, depending on the value of the order and the existence of the buyer’s address.

6 – Cancellation and refunds
ONIRIA will not issue refunds for any visits that could not be made due to cases of force majeure (and especially due to disruption to transport, strikes, severe weather conditions, etc.). It is the customer’s responsibility to check that ONIRIA is open to the public on the day of their visit.

7 – Printed tickets
The purchase of online tickets is governed by these T&C, as well as the following special conditions: Each coded ticket features a barcode that grants access to the aquarium for a single visitor. If a valid ticket is lost, stolen or copied, only the person with the ticket in their possession may enter the aquarium. The buyer remains responsible for how their tickets are used. Proof of ID may be requested upon entry. When the buyer receives their ticket by email, it is their responsibility to check that it bears the right name, expiry date, and price.
a) Conditions for the validity of printed tickets:
—The ticket is valid if it is printed on white A4 paper, blank on both sides, with no adjustments to the size of the print-out, and printed in portrait (vertical) with an inkjet or laser printer.
—Tickets must possess good print quality. Partially printed, dirty, damaged, or illegible tickets will not be accepted, and will be deemed invalid. In case of poor print quality, the buyer must print their coded ticket again until sufficient print quality is achieved. Buyers can view their tickets via the ‘My Orders’ section of their customer account, and then print out a new ticket by clicking on ‘print tickets’. This means that before placing an order, the buyer must ensure that they have the hardware and software that is required to print the ticket and invoice (computer with internet connection, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and a printer). ONIRIA will not be held responsible if buyers cannot print their tickets due to not owning the software and hardware described above. If a buyer has not been able to print their ticket(s) before their arrival at ONIRIA, the ticket holder may: show the ticket on their smartphone or tablet (see articles 7b and 7c); show proof of identity, order number, and reservation date; or contact the third party from whom they purchased the ticket.
a) Ticket use and validity —Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded, and provide access for ONE visit to ONIRIA for ONE person. The expiry date is printed on the ticket. The ticket must be used by the expiry date shown on the ticket. Beyond that date, the ticket is no longer valid. The ticket is nominative and cannot be transferred to a third party without ONIRIA’s prior written consent. When your tickets are checked upon entry, you may be asked to provide a valid piece of photo ID to prove you are the ticketholder (ID card, passport, driving licence, or visa/work permit).
—This coded ticket is valid only for ONIRIA, for use on the date and time stated on the ticket.
—Buyers must keep their ticket with them at all times during their visit to ONIRIA.
—If your ticket is lost or stolen, ONIRIA will not be held responsible for any fraudulent use of the ticket, and no refund or exchange will be provided.
—If ONIRIA discovers a forged or fraudulently acquired ticket, ONIRIA reserves the right to decline the ticketholder’s access to the aquarium without any compensation to the buyer.

7 (b) Digital tickets
a) Digital ticket use and validity:
—Digital tickets are valid only when shown on a smartphone or tablet, with the QR code/barcode visible, as well as the ticket type, date of purchase, and expiry date.
—A QR code/barcode is valid for one ticket for one person. The smartphone/tablet screen must enable the code to be scanned using the portable scanner. Partially visible or illegible codes will not be accepted, and will be deemed invalid. In case of poor display quality (dirty, broken screen, etc.), the buyer must show their QR code/barcode again in an effort to obtain better visual quality. If the buyer cannot show their QR code/barcode (if their device has run out of battery, for example), they may print out their ticket (see section 7) or ask for the ticket to be printed out at the ONIRIA counter after providing proof of ID, order number, and booking date. The buyer can also contact the organisation that sold them their ticket. This means that before placing an order, the buyer must ensure that they have the hardware and software that is required to show the QR code/barcode. ONIRIA will not be held responsible if the QR code/barcode cannot be read due to failing to meet the software and hardware requirements described above.

7 (c) Failure to present ticket
If the buyer fails to print out their ticket before visiting ONIRIA, or cannot be shown on a tablet or smartphone, the ticketholder will no longer enjoy their queue jumper benefits and will have to wait to be served. The buyer may ask the ONIRIA ticket office to print out their ticket for an extra fee of €0.80, upon presentation of written confirmation (email) and proof of ID (ID card/passport/payment card of the person who purchased the tickets), plus booking reference and date. The buyer may also contact the organisation that sold them the tickets. It is prohibited to change or copy ONIRIA tickets.

8 – Right of withdrawal
As according to article L121-21-8 of the French Consumer Code, purchased tickets have no right of withdrawal. The tickets cannot be returned, exchanged, or cancelled.

9. Obligations and responsibilities
a) For every stage of accessing the website, ONIRIA has only the duty of due care. ONIRIA will not be held liable for any issues or damages encountered while using the website, such as interrupted service, hacking, computer viruses, or force majeure of any nature, in line with current laws.
b) Buyers undertake to adhere to the ONIRIA rules and regulations displayed on access to the facility. In particular, buyers undertake to adhere to the following rules:
—Once you leave ONIRIA, you will not be able to come back inside using the same ticket
—Pets are not allowed inside ONIRIA
—No flash photography
—No smoking on ONIRIA premises
c) ONIRIA will not be held liable for any damages and/or personal/material harm arising from a failure to follow ONIRIA’s rules.
d) ONIRIA cannot in any way be held responsible for lost or stolen tickets.
e) If one of the clauses in this contract is rendered null and void following a change to legislation, regulations, or a court decision, it will not have any impact in the validity of nor adherence to these terms and conditions.

10. Applicable law, complaints, and disputes
These T&C are governed by French law. All complaints regarding the ticket reservation process may result in conventional mediation between the buyer and ONIRIA – ONIRIA is a member of Médiation Tourisme et Voyages (www.mtv.travel) – or submitted to the competent courts under common law.
All complaints must be submitted in writing to: ONIRIA – SPL Sillages – Ecoute du Port – BP 201 – 66141 Canet en Roussillon CEDEX.

11. Customer services
If you encounter any problems with your order, or if you have any questions, you can contact us at: Email: contact@oniria.fr
Tel: +33 (0) 468 867 292

12. Intellectual property
Every component of the online ticket sales website, whether visual or audio, and including the underlying technology, are protected by copyright, trademarks, and/or patents. These are the exclusive property of ONIRIA. Any users who place a link to the homepage of the ONIRIA online ticket website on their own website, for their own personal use, must obtain prior consent from ONIRIA.

13. Duration
These terms and conditions apply for as long as the services presented by ONIRIA remain online.