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Water management

Oniria is committed to a sustainable approach by using resources that naturally occur locally. Thanks to our strategic location on the coast, and the sea’s vast energy potential, Oniria runs on highly innovative hydrothermal power.
This technology enables us to harness not only the temperature of seawater to heat or cool the building, but also helps maintain a constant temperature in the different waters contained in our 80+ tanks.
But that’s not all, because at Oniria, we also recover the fresh water that’s the by-product of our water purification process. Instead of being discarded as waste, it is stored in a tank to be used again to wash the filter drum, which is a major component in the general filtration of waste water.

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More water is saved across our aquariums, all of which work with highly efficient filtration systems. This means that we never need to replace much fresh or salt water. All of these efforts to save water and recover resources establish Oniria as an exemplary establishment that’s committed to a virtuous, green strategy.

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Energy savings

From the very inception of the project, Oniria wanted to optimise its energy use. The building itself was designed with this in mind.
Indeed, our region’s abundant natural light and year-round sunshine enable Oniria to produce around 10% of our total energy consumption ourselves. This performance is made possible thanks to the 126 solar panels installed on the roof, and that cover a total area of 210 m² for an average power output of 35 kVA.

To provide lighting inside the aquarium, we also capture this natural light in our open glass structures: lobby and jungle, light wells in the Canigou habitat, riverbank, beach, and shark tank… these areas require no electric lighting by day.

Lighting in other areas is provided by LED, which halves the energy consumption of each fitting. In technical and staff areas, the lighting switches itself off automatically, being controlled by motion sensors.
The Centralised Technical Management (CTM) system runs an energy dashboard with real-time drift indicators. This data helps us optimise our everyday energy use.

Against the backdrop of the energy transition, our modern, sustainable establishment makes significant energy savings to help reduce CO² emissions.

Waste reduction

Oniria strives to work to protect the seas and oceans, as well as the species that live there.
Our planet has never faced such danger, and soon it will be too late to act. It is mankind that is clearly responsible for the worsening situation. Our oceans have paid the cost of our lifestyles. Some used bags, bottles, and packaging end up in the sea.

They are then carried by currents to the Pacific, where they form a floating island made up of 8 million tonnes of plastic waste, covering an area three times the size of France. These plastic particles then find their way into animals’ stomachs.

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At Oniria, we recycle our waste, including in our adjoining shops and venues. Canet-en-Roussillon town hall and Perpignan Council have established space near the aquarium to sort cardboard, packaging, paper, metals and glass.

But that’s not all, because Oniria also recovers the green waste produced in the kitchens that feed our residents. The same is true for our plants in the riverbank and jungle habitats, and the algae that grows abundantly in our various tanks. By composting all of this waste in a composter in the service area, Oniria makes compost that is then reused on our plants and trees.

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Participation in awareness campaigns

Raising public awareness of different environmental challenges is one of our top priorities. Our actions let us raise awareness of participants from the youngest ages.

The evolution of the coastline and the coastal hazards that come with it are one of our main concerns. Floods, rising sea levels, and coastal erosion are all issues that involve various charities and institutions that work every day to better understand these phenomena and plan for their consequences.

Oniria also regularly launches clean-up initiatives in partnership with different organisations. The pollution of our seas and oceans is one of the biggest challenges in the 21st century, and the aquarium wants to do its bit to help.
Because to know is to love, and to love is to protect.