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Oniria does all it can to guarantee optimal living conditions for all of its residents.

Oniria’s expertise in the breeding of marine invertebrates, and coral in particular, have led scientists studying these species to sign partnership agreements with us.
For many years already, Oniria has been working with prestigious institutions like Moorea’s CRIOBE (Centre for Island Research and Environmental Observatory), UPVD (University of Perpignan), the CNRS (French National Research Centre) and the EPHE (advanced research centre). These partnerships have resulted in many scientific papers being published.

Our research fields include the following:

  • Climate change (by looking at how coral behaves at different temperatures)
  • Ocean acidification (still using coral as a model)
  • Microplastics
  • Man-made pollution and its impact on the environment
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The establishment welcomes pupils and students of any level to attend internships, from high school to doctoral studies.
At Oniria, scientific research is conducted in real time and in plain sight. This interaction between science and the public offers a direct immersion in the scientific world.